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The Prowler is a similar style buggy to the Manx but with subtle modifications and updating.With a slightly shorter wheelbase than the Manx, the Prowler chassis must be shortened by 15.5 ", the same as the GP, rather than 14.5". The front arches are 1.5" wider than that of the Manx and the rear are 2" wider.  The rear of the Buggy is much more open than most other buggies, making fitment of a larger engine with big carbs a doddle with no cutting or reshaping needed.

The rear arches are more rounded and roomy and, with the extra width, allow fitment of wider wheels and/or allow you to lower your Buggy more. The biggest difference between the Prowler and other similar buggies is the bonnet and windscreen.  The combination of Manx bonnet and Bounty Hunter windscreen creates a whole new look.  If the Prowler bonnet is not to your taste they can be supplied with a Manx bonnet if preferred.

Prowlers come with all the special features as the Manx such as the under body tubing and flow coat. Bodies also allow fitment of the standard Beetle fuel tank under the bonnet. The back seat area is flat allowing easy fitment of a rear seat and a pair of battery boxes can be sited under the seat for your battery and tool box.



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