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Hand-made to order

East Coast Dune Buggy body kits come in an excellent, smooth finish whether in grey ready for paint, coloured gel or high quality metal flake finish.   Bodies are hand made to order with two thick layers of gel coat and a 7.5 oz lay up of glass fibre giving a 6mm thick tub.  Bodies are fitted with a pair of strengthening tubes glassed in under each side and running from front to back. 

Flow coated for durability

Once finished, all Buggy bodies are flow coated in black on the under side for durability and long life.  Flow coat is a satin finish gel coat which is easier to clean and prevents glass splinters during build.

Structural integrity

Bonnets come with the dashboard already glassed in place making the whole item stronger and preventing sagging in the centre of the bonnet.  The integral bonnet and dash also provides a strong mounting for the windscreen so no special mounts are needed.  The fit of the bonnet onto the body is excellent putting less stress on the bolting points.  Under the bonnet is a mounting area for the standard Beetle fuel tank.  Optional side pods can be fitted once the body is mounted to the chassis by bolts inside the wheel arch. 

Bodies mount to the chassis in much the same way as the original Beetle shell which was removed with a line of bolts around the bottom of the tub.




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