VW beetle panels

East Coast Gasser Panels


Beetle Long bonnet 


The mould for these was taken from an original 1967 bonnet to make the fit almost perfect . Available as a single skin for racing or with a fibreglass stock style hinge panel , which features threaded brass inserts to bolt onto the original hinges .  There is also a return lip around the edge to ensure a good seal onto the stock bonnet gasket . 

The quality of these bonnets is second to none , you'll never need to use a poorly fitting repro panel , or do rust repair again .

Single skin £250

With hinge panel £300


Beetle Pre 67' 'Gasser' Bonnet 


This is a re-moulded version of the Classic 70's Gasser bonnet . To make this mould we bonded the scoops into an original bonnet to ensure an excellent fit . Very light weight and strong , these are available as a single skin race item , or with a bonded in fibreglass hinge panel 

Single skin £250

With hinge panel £290


Beetle 67-on Flared wings/fenders ( upright headlight )


These moulds were taken from some original 70's flared wings , which have been extensively re shaped to ensure an excellent fit . Perfect for that 70's look race car .

£200 per pair

price list  

Beetle Rear Fared wings/fenders 


These flared rears are an excellent fit . They have about a 2 inch flare with a downward lip so you can trim them to how you want . 

£200 per pair

price list  

Beetle Pre 67' Flared 'Gasser' wings/fenders 


Pre 67 'sloping headlamp' versions of the earlier gasser wings , these have been moulded from original wings with a flare added for that unmistakable 70's style . Also available with a headlight bucket/bowl for street cars . 

£200 per pair

£230 per pair inc. headlight bowls 







 40cm Oversize Rear Wings 

Rear wings which have been made 40cm wider to accommodate larger rear tyres . These have been made to look like as much like a stock wing as possible by retaining the original shape .

£300 per pair 


Dummy Upright Headlights 

These dummy headlights have been designed to go with our wings as a lightweight replacement for the headlights on your drag car . 

Metalflake silver £45 per pair 

Plain colour £30 per pair


 Dummy Sloping Headlights

As above , but for earlier sloping headlight wings 

Metalflake silver £45 per pair

Plain colour £30 per pair 




EMPI Style 'Eyebrow' Engine/Deck Lid 

Replica of the original EMPI Eyebrow vented deck lid . Available as a single skin or with a hinge panel . Much better fit than some repro eyebrow lids available .

Single skin £100

Inc. Hinge Panel £130








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