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Buggy bodies

We manufacture Classic fibreglass buggy bodies. They are available in a large range of flawless metal flake and solid colour gel coat finishes. East Coast also makes Sidewinder, Prowler and Bounty Hunter buggy bodies. In addition we supply buggy: seats, windscreens, headlights, hard tops and other dune buggy accessories.

Hand laminated for a flawless finish

The buggy bodies are hand laminated with years of experience and precision to attain a flawless finish and even thickness all over. All bodies include a pair of underbody strengthening tubes, laminated into the structure, which second as a housing for the wiring loom. Finally a special black flow coat gel is applied to the underside of all kits to protect the fibre glass and aid cleaning.

East Coast on TV

East Coast  made the shell for the phones 4 U advert


dune buggy body seat
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dune buggy body headlight
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